Mark Ruhland Piano Services
I have been involved with music and the piano for almost my entire life. As a youth I played piano and organ in bands then went on to study music at the Berklee College of Music in Boston Massachusetts.  It was at Berklee that I first became interested in the art of piano tuning and enrolled in a course that they offered. After graduating from Berklee I spent many years in the music field then moved into video post-production. In 2001 I completed the Randy Potter School of Piano Technology course and launched my piano service business. I continue to expand my knowledge of piano technology through my membership in the Piano Technicians Guild. In addition to my love of pianos I am also a Hammond B3 organ fanatic.
   My business and personal philosophy has always been very simple: to treat people the way I would want to be treated.  In these hectic times I try to bring back a little bit of the “old school” service that seems to have all but disappeared.
    In this web site I’ll try to answer a few common questions you might have. All pianos are a bit unique so the best way to have your specific questions answered is to give me a call or drop me an E mail if you prefer.

Thanks for the visit,  Mark

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